Afranet Services


Afrant Company was established in 1996 with the aim of developing the Internet and e-commerce in the country and entered the OTC market of Iran in 1995. During these years, Afrant has been able to introduce itself as a pioneer company in providing services to the IT community of the country in providing dedicated Internet broadband services, data center services, cloud services and e-commerce.

Afranet at a glance

Afranet has always tried to meet all the needs of communication and information infrastructure of businesses by providing various services in the field of information and communication technology.
years of experience
Afranet leader in serving ministries, public and private agencies and departments as well as enabling businesses are emerging.
Afranet has been operating in the field of information and communication technology since 1997, using the latest technology in the world.
Providing service with a stability factor of 99.5%
Possibility of providing communication equipment safely
Complaints handling (Via ticket, customer voice and completing the survey form)
7x24 support
Ability to provide the required IP in sufficient numbers
Has a fiber connection with the infrastructure communications company
Set up and deliver the service in the shortest possible time

Some Afranet customers

1000+ other companies and organizations